The Ecosystem Review

In June of 1999, the Government of British Columbia and Delta Fraser Properties Partnership (the owners of 2,200 ha of Burns Bog at the time) agreed to undertake an ecosystem review of Burns Bog. The purpose of the review was to determine what was necessary to preserve the ecological integrity of Burns Bog, specifically relating to the hydrology, geology, flora and fauna. The BC Environmental Assessment Office managed the review process.

After several months of detailed field research, it was determined that Burns Bog is globally unique on the basis of its chemistry, form, flora and large size. Despite significant disturbances to the ecosystem, including development (agricultural, residential and industrial), extensive peat extraction and fires, Burns Bog remains an important contributor to the ecology of the region and supports rare species and plant communities.

The authors of the Burns Bog Ecosystem Review recommended the preservation of the remaining undisturbed areas (approximately 29 per cent of the original area of the bog), and suggested that much of the remainder of the bog be protected and allowed to restore.

Man holding a shovel in a bog.
Dr. Richard Hebda, lead author of the Burns Bog Ecosystem Review, in Burns Bog (credit: Sarah Howie)