Farming in the Early 1900s

Burns Bog is named after Dominic Burns, who purchased the “Great Delta Bog” in 1906 for $26,000, which is about $546,000 in 2004 dollars. That’s a pretty good deal, considering that most of Burns Bog was purchased by government in 2004 for $73 million. Bogs were not as highly valued then as they are today.

The Burns family ran a highly successful cattle business and an international chain of butcher stores. The Great Delta Bog became known as Burns Ranch, and would have been used to range cattle and sheep.

In 1907, the Delta Optimist published an article about Mr. Burns’ plans to “improve” the bog for farming.

Sheep grazing on field. The words Sheep on the Burns Ranch Ladner" are found near the bottom of the image.
Delta Museum and Archives Photo #1988-39-3.