Planning, Management, & Research

Conservation Covenant

A legally binding conservation covenant placed on the Burns Bog Ecological Conservancy Area ensures that Burns Bog is protected and managed effectively as a natural ecosystem. The following conditions identified in the covenant act as guiding principles:

  • Maintain Burns Bog in perpetuity as a large, contiguous, undeveloped natural area for the purpose of protecting the flora and fauna that depend on Burns Bog.
  • Manage Burns Bog as a functional raised bog ecosystem as understood by the best science of the time.
  • Maintain the extent and integrity of the water mound and the peat that enclosed it, and in particular the upper porous acrotelm, upon which the persistence of the bog ecosystem depends.
  • Prevent any occupation or use of Burns Bog that will impair or interfere with the current state of Burns Bog or its Amenities (except with respect to statutory rights-of-way).

Management based on “Best Science of the Time”

Management of Burns Bog must be based on the "best science of the time". A Scientific Advisory Panel, established by the purchasing agencies, has assisted in developing and implementing the Burns Bog Ecological Conservancy Area Management Plan by providing technical advice on hydrology and bog ecology. The principal roles of the Scientific Advisory Panel are to:

  • Advise and make recommendations regarding the work program and action items of the Burns Bog Agency Working Group;
  • Review existing and new information about the bog;
  • Identify information gaps and critical issues needing short term action or additional research;
  • Propose short-term and long-term management strategies to protect the ecological assets of the bog; and
  • Make recommendations on other matters as referred by the "Planning Team" and purchasing agencies.

Metro Vancouver is responsible for hosting regular meeting of the Scientific Advisory Panel. Click here for meeting notes.